Mar 29, 2018

Using community meetings to raise awareness


Edited: May 4, 2018

I serve as a volunteer with a local community awareness group called Not in My Neighborhood. This all volunteer group identifies expert speakers in the local Fort Worth area in the field of forensic interviewing and criminal justice and brings them face to face with community members. Typically these are hosted at neighborhood forums such as churches or community centers. At each meeting a survivor tees up the importance of the issue, followed by an overview of what child sex trafficking is, how to identify the signs of trafficking and what to do if someone has information regarding a potential trafficking victim. Criminal justice experts update the group as to the latest news on local cases and what their departments are doing to fight this crime.

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    Mar 29, 2018

    Many local agencies and organizations offer "training" regarding sex trafficking. These sessions are often targeted to teens or to first responders as a preventative measure. Armed with the knowledge of how traffickers recruit victims teens are much more prepared to identify a risky situation and hopefully stay away from someone who may traffick them. First responders who know the signs of a trafficking victim can assist in identifying a potential or current victim.
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