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Becoming an advocate for sex trafficking awareness is as easy as a "CLICK" and a "SHA

The most important step in preventing trafficking is raising awareness. When my daughter was trafficked in 2015 I didn't even know what the word trafficking meant. The day I found my 16 year old daughter's photos on I contacted a close friend working in the Criminal Justice area for advice on what to do next. She told me to call the local police department and ask to speak to someone in Trafficking. They transferred me over to pay a traffic ticket. Numerous phone calls and five hours later I had a police car at my house...

Now it's 3 years later and every day there is new news regarding human trafficking. It comes at us through the television, on billboards and on social media but still so many believe this is a problem that exists elsewhere.

Take a moment to just google the word trafficking along with virtually any city in the United States and you'll find a local story regarding a case or an upcoming or past awareness event. And believe me when I tell you that it happens and its often NEVER reported in the news. It's real and it's right here in our cities, our schools and our neighborhoods. And if it's not in your city, it still creeps in as it lives and thrives on our children's electronic devices.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn what you can and should do to educate yourself, your family and your friends. Seek out accurate information and SHARE. You might just save someone's life.

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